Wednesday's Weekly Perspective: May 4, 2022

It's time for Wednesday's Weekly Perspective! From warnings about Medicare ads to hedging against inflation, we've got a great group of top content to enjoy. Here's what advisors have found most insightful this week:

1. [Article] Why Joe Namath May Be the Biggest Threat to Your Clients’ Retirement

By Melinda A. Caughill

Late-night commercials are targeting your Boomer clients, urging them to make changes to their Medicare coverage. The problem is, they're highly effective. If you haven't talked to your clients yet about the dangers of these ads, now's the time to do so. In this popular piece, Melinda shares why these schemes are dangerous and what advisors should be talking about with their clients to best prepare them.

2. [Article] Which Asset Classes Protect Against Inflation?

By Larry Swedroe

As inflation continues its relentless climb, Larry Swedroe shares his take on what asset classes are succeeding in hedging against the perils of inflation.

3. [Webinar] Dividend Growth Strategies for Rising Rates and Changing Markets

Hosted by Proshares

Catch this popular webinar replay, where the team at Proshares discusses how investors can reinforce their core equity portfolio with dividend growth - specifically in periods of rising interest rates and market turbulence.

4. [Podcast] Which Sectors Will Outperform Under Inflation

Featuring Joe Quinlan of BofA

In the span of just over two years, the world economy has been stricken by a pandemic and challenged by a military conflict in the heart of Europe. Major historical turning points are nearly always accompanied by fundamental shifts in the economy. The pace of history is accelerating with the global energy transition, urgency to secure reliable supplies of traditional energy and locking in renewable alternatives. Our guest Joe Quinlan discusses all of this, and how he sees this shift being driven by technology and innovation.

5. [Top Whitelabeled Article] Stock and Bond Valuations are a Warning to Investors

By Larry Swedroe

While the last decade and a half has rewarded investors with healthy stock and bond returns, Larry Swedroe says that high valuations, low-interest rates and high inflation are signals to reassess risk tolerance and asset allocations.

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