Five Ways to Tap the Power of Your Voice

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Like many advisors, you take your voice for granted.

Our sense of hearing allows us to gather and interpret sounds continuously and without conscious effort.

But did you know that you can become more persuasive by learning how to modulate the tone of your voice?

Are you making common mistakes with phone calls, Zoom meetings, and virtual presentations that turn off your best prospects?

Many advisors miss a simple trick to turn ordinary conversations into effective marketing content.

Here are… five ways to sell more with the power of your voice alone.

  1. Get their attention in the first seven seconds

One study showed that people’s attention spans are shorter than that of a goldfish.

In the first few seconds, your client or prospect makes the first critical decision: keep listening, enter into a conversation with you, or end it now.

For communicators, seven seconds is the first moment of truth.

To hook appointments quickly, tell people “what’s in it for them” in seven seconds or less.

Let’s say you want to make a great first impression on an inbound phone call.

As you pick up the phone, smile (yes, you can “hear” a smile in a voice over the phone), and say something like “Hello, ____ (name of firm), this is ____ (your first name).”