Random Thoughts on the Russian War in Ukraine (Hint: It’s Not Going Well for Russia)

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The following is a loose collection of random thoughts and observations on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Rather than a coherent article, I offer some insights that have emerged as the war has dragged on.

I wrote two very timely pieces last week: one on housing and one on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This is the latter; the housing piece is very long, so it will be broken up into two articles. Part one of the housing article will go out this week. But I wanted to share with you this piece on Ukraine today.

What follows are some very, very random, loosely connected thoughts. This is not an article. An article has a beginning and an end, with a conclusion. These random thoughts don’t follow that pattern. I am just trying to think through complex issues early in the morning and sharing with you my thoughts.

War in Ukraine outcome

I am cautiously optimistic on the outcome of the war. To win a war you need both will and means.

The Ukrainian will to win increases with every mass grave of murdered civilians uncovered with every liberated Ukrainian village. For Ukrainians, this war is no longer about territory but about survival as a nation – its invader believes Ukraine doesn’t have the right to exist (I wrote about that here).