The Dollars Death? Not So Fast - Part One

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Headlines like the ones below lead some to believe that the U.S. dollar's death may be coming soon:

  • China, Brazil Strike Deal to Ditch Dollar for Trade – Barron's 3/2023
  • China Completes First Yuan-Settled LNG Trade – Reuters 3/2023
  • The U.S. Dollar Loses its Crown – Financial Times 2/2023

But headlines forecasting the dollar's death as the world's reserve currency have been around for a long time:

  • The Disappearing Dollar – Economist 12/2004
  • Why the Dollar's Reign is Near an End – Wall Street Journal 3/2011
  • Dollar Seen Losing Global Reserve Status – CNBC 9/2013

For those losing sleep that the Chinese yuan, bitcoin, or some other currency will commandeer the dollar's throne as the world's reserve currency, sleep tight. That day is not imminent.