The Ten Best Articles You Probably Missed

Great articles don’t always get the readership they deserve. We’ve posted the 10 most-widely read investment and planning articles for the past year here and the top practice management articles here. Below are another 10 that you might have missed, but I believe merit reading.

In decreasing order, based on the number of unique readers, those are:

  1. The 4% Rule Just Became a Whole Lot Easier

by Allan Roth, 10/24/22

I built a 4.36% real (inflation-adjusted) systematic withdrawal portfolio using a 30-Year TIPS ladder. (This article was actually published in 2022, not 2023. But it continued to be popular this year, so we are including it here.)

  1. What Advisors Get Wrong About Tax-Loss Harvesting

by Steven Jarvis, 6/2/23

Here are four things advisors get wrong about tax-loss harvesting.

  1. Does It Still Make Sense to Buy I-Bonds?

by Nathan Dutzmann, 5/15/23

Nearly a year ago, I – provisionally and with qualifications – declared I-Bonds to be the fabled “free lunch” due to the remarkable 9.62% rate they were paying. That rate came down – a lot – so should you still buy them?