Seven Unconventional but Successful Marketing Tactics

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Advisors can choose from over 100 marketing tactics, which is why so many of us are overwhelmed.

Which strategies are suitable for your practice or firm?

How can you create a winning marketing plan for 2024?

A proven approach for marketing success in 2024 is to start with the target growth rate for your practice.

Begin with the end-growth rate in mind

However you measure growth – AUM, number of clients, or fees – start by asking, "What growth rate will make 2024 a successful year?"

For example, a young, solo practitioner may seek to add one new client a month.

An ensemble team may want to grow assets under management by 15% in 2024.

A large RIA may want to increase planning fees from a combination of new and existing clients by 10 percent.

The target growth rate's clarity helps the practice select the number and type of marketing tactics.