The Secret to Marketing Success: Good Marketing Habits

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Financial advisors can get swept up in the whirlwind of big marketing initiatives. But routine, everyday tactics are vital. Here are nine routines to embrace.

Recently, I had a conversation with an advisor who told me his 2024 goal was to “get back to good marketing habits.” The previous year had been a whirlwind of activity for the company, marked by milestones like purchasing and renovating a building, relocating the office, and undergoing a name change and complete rebranding. With all these major initiatives, some of their routine marketing activities, such as podcasts and newsletters, had been neglected.

The advisor’s phrase, “get back to good marketing habits,” perfectly encapsulates the essence of effective marketing. While there are times for significant developments like brand creation, website development, or the launch of a new campaign, the crux of marketing lies in the routine.

Why is this routine so vital in marketing? It essentially comes down to the trust-based nature of the industry. When you have a routine, you accomplish the following:

  • Awareness: Regularly publishing blog posts, videos, podcasts, and newsletters helps reinforce your brand message. Maintaining a regular presence both online and offline ensures that you stay top of mind with your target audience.
  • Relationships: Being a constant presence at networking events or online forums, engaging with centers of influence (COIs), actively nurturing client relationships, and participating in community activities are all crucial for developing and nurturing relationships that lead to referrals.
  • Trust: Consistent communication and engagement will build trust with clients, prospects, COIs, and the wider community.
  • Authority: Demonstrating your expertise regularly through articles, speaking engagements, or social media establishes you as a thought leader in your niche or local community.