How to Speak Your Client’s Language

Dr. Kerry Johnson

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I recently attended a client appointment with one of my own coaching clients. The FA was attentive and engaging. His client spoke about how nervous he was about the ups and downs of the market. The FA said, “Oh you mean volatility, right?” The client said “yes” and moved on to other concerns like taxes, longevity risk and legacy.

But he never used those words.

Each need had a label and definition that the FA corrected. Running out of money became “longevity risk.” The “IRS taking money out of my wallet” became “tax burden” and so on.

The FA and client never connected. They spoke at cross meanings and as a result lost rapport. I have written in this publication previously about the 12 Most Persuasive Words you can use with clients, in advertising, and even on your website. But learning your client’s intrinsic language is different. It is their sub language. It is their unique way of communicating.