How to Adapt to Different Styles of Prospects

michelle donovanAdvisor Perspectives welcomes guest contributions. The views presented here do not necessarily represent those of Advisor Perspectives.

No matter what position or title you hold, you’re in sales. We all are and have been since we first convinced our parents to buy us that shiny new bike. We sell concepts, products and services. We sell our ideas and our expertise. We sell to clients, prospects, colleagues, boards, committees, even to our children, spouses, partners, etc. Being able to connect with and adapt to different styles of prospects is a very powerful skill to enhance your sales success. It starts with understanding their priorities, then speaking in their language about what you’re selling.

I will refer to the four DiSC behavioral styles: the “D”, “I”, “S” and “C” styles. At my firm, Productivity Uncorked, we incorporate a deep understanding and application of DiSC into our coaching experience with financial advisors. Since the purpose of DiSC is to encourage stronger relationships and financial advisors create their success on their ability to build strong relationships, it’s a natural fit. The application of DiSC to the sales situation has enabled our clients to close millions in new assets that they otherwise would have missed out on.

Each style shows up in the sales situation with their own behaviors and expectations. How you choose to react to those behaviors influences your success with that prospect. The truth about sales is that it’s not about you and what you’re selling. It’s about the prospect and what they want and need.

Let’s look at each style and how you can adapt to make them more comfortable with you. If someone becomes more comfortable with you, they’ll build trust and trust will likely end with a closed sale.