AI Has Changed My Job and It Will Change Yours

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Dan's new book for millennials, Wealthier: A Field Guide to Financial Freedom, will be published in April 2024 and available on Amazon.

I run a consulting company and write books.

My workday looks a lot different now.

The dramatic change is because of AI. Yours will change too.

Now I select AI programs and use them to accomplish my daily tasks.

The Financial Planning Association asked me to present at a webinar to be held March 27, 2024 on “How to Employ AI in 2024.” As I prepared for it, I was struck by how many AI programs I use daily and how they’ve become essential to my life.

Here’s an overview.

Book marketing

Writing a book is the beginning – not the end—of a long process. The most challenging part is marketing.

My new book is for millennials, Wealther: The Investing Field Guide for Millennials, and it will be published in April 2024.

My social media consultants need 100 videos they can post on various social media outlets. Each one requires a different format. The length of each video also differs.