Strategies for Effectively Managing Your Time and Priorities

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Dear Readers,

I’m writing this column in advance; soon I’ll be traveling overseas to retrieve my youngest from her second opportunity to study abroad. I’m excited she has had great travel and learning opportunities and I am very happy to be bringing her home.

As I prepare to travel, deal with a parent recently diagnosed with a very rare and fatal cancer (and with all the doctor visits that entails), continue to support clients and finish up teaching my graduate classes for the semester, I’m reminded of the importance of managing priorities and time. Everything matters, and our lives can become fire drills. When important things happen, somehow we find the time to do what’s needed and still get everything else done! In many cases, when I provide learning experiences or coaching to clients, the obstacle of “not enough time” gets raised. In this column, I’ll share some insights about how you can (mostly) “do it all” if you are prepared and organized enough to do so.