Soft Now, Hard Later

Rosenberg: Disinflation Lives

Luntz: No More Normal

Sonders: Not the Seventies Again

Mehlman: The Great Acceleration

Housel: What Moves the Needle

Shirreff: Stay Calm and United

Rubenstein: Dollar Threatened

SIC Emotions

The Strategic Investment Conference is in full swing. This is our 18th consecutive year and the third in an all-online virtual format. In 2020 we had to make that transition quickly, yet somehow the team pulled it off. Now we are getting the hang of it—though I do firmly intend to have an in-person event again when conditions permit.

I borrowed this letter’s “Soft Now, Hard Later” headline from Dave Rosenberg. It was the title of his leadoff SIC presentation, for reasons I’ll explain below. But I think it also describes the entire SIC experience. As you hear from some of the world’s top experts in various fields, the words register but you don’t immediately grasp their full importance. You start making connections as others add to the conversation. Gradually, it all becomes clearer. Then at some point (often weeks later) it hits hard. You “get it” and your perception of everything changes.

With that in mind, in my next couple of letters I’ll try to give you my first, high-level “soft” impressions from SIC. I’ll probably miss some important points because right now I’m still in the thick of it. Then I’ll have a few more letters with deeper thoughts as I assimilate all we learned. You’re going to see a work in progress first, and then a better-formed structure a little later. Please excuse our dust in the meantime.

Speaking of meantime, you don’t have to wait for me. You can still join us for SIC with full access to videos, transcripts, speaker slides, and more. Watch it live or watch the recordings later, as many times as you want, from the comfort of your own home or office. Click here for more information and registration.