The 11 Best Finance Films to Watch This Memorial Day Weekend

With Memorial Day weekend on the horizon, many in the financial services industry will finally get a chance to relax. The sprint of tax season is over. The debt ceiling crisis will be there to fret about on Tuesday. Summer is about to begin. Why not take a break from working in the world of finance by immersing yourself in the eleven best finance films of all time?

That’s right; there’s no need to ever stop thinking about work, even when you are relaxing.

While we’re still in an era where people are writing movies instead of AI, these 11 classic films capture the drama, humor, and emotional resonance of finance and investing.

The Best Finance Films

Trading Places

Trading Places remains as satirically sharp as it was when it was released in 1983. One of the few finance films to actually inspire real life legislation, Trading Places featured ground-breaking and justifiably award-winning performances from its two male leads, Murphy and Aykroyd. The secret star of the film, though, was Jamie Lee Curtis. Her portrayal of Ophelia was a revelation, a performance truly ahead of its time. Despite the movie coming out at a time when sex workers were often portrayed as victims of trafficking or forced to do sex work due to trauma, abuse, or addiction, Ophelia is entirely about making money. For her, it’s simply a job. This surprisingly progressive exploration of sex work is right at home in a film also grappling with racism.