What Should You Look For in A Direct Indexing Provider? 10 Things To Consider

Executive Summary:

  • A direct indexing solution can help make an investment portfolio as personalized as a home
  • The provider of the direct indexing solution should be as key to finding the right product as the real estate agent is to finding the right home
  • There are specific criteria that may help you select a direct indexing provider that is suitable for your clients

We've all heard the maxim about what to look for when buying a house: location, location, location!

But that's not all that's important, as you will realize if you have ever purchased a home or even watched an episode of House Hunters. When you start to peel back the layers of what you need in a home, it's far more than simply location. It's all about what you need (such as the number of bedrooms), what you want (garden? pool? two-car garage?), and must have (updated kitchen and bathroom, perhaps) when buying a home. Your home should be exactly what you want and need.