Direct Indexing versus ETFs – Which One Will Dominate?

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About This Episode

Direct indexing has gathered a lot of buzz in the headlines and for good reasons; this advancement makes it possible for advisors to customize their clients' portfolios down to the individual security level. Direct indexing offers tax efficiency benefits and granular customization that ETFs can't match. But there's a tradeoff; it's not as accessible, requires account minimums, and is more work for investors to manage. Rahul Sen Sharma of Indxx is here to discuss whether direct indexing has bright future, or whether ETFs will remain the preferred vehicle given their ease-of-access and hands-off management.

About Our Guest

Rahul Sen Sharma is a managing partner at Indxx and has been instrumental in leading the firm’s growth since 2011. He heads Indxx’s client management and business development teams while also helping to set the firm’s overall strategy and focus.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the Indxx web site.