How Muni-Bond ETFs Help with Tax-Loss Harvesting

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About This Episode

As 2023 is nearing its end, tax-loss harvesting season is in full swing. This is often top of mind for advisors and their clients. But Capital Group is seeing some advisors hesitate to harvest losses due to ongoing volatility in the equity and bond markets, and general uncertainty about 2024.

My guest, Courtney Wolf, joins me today to talk about why to deploy cash and use tax-loss harvesting via active fixed income ETFs. Courtney is a muni portfolio manager at Capital Group and the principal investment officer for the firm’s active muni ETF, CGMU. With nearly two decades of muni investing experience, Coutney will offer her forecast for munis more broadly in 2024 as well.

About Our Guest

Courtney K. Wolf is a fixed income portfolio manager at Capital Group.

She has 17 years of investment industry experience, all with Capital Group. Earlier in her career at Capital, she was a fixed income investment analyst and covered municipal bonds in the airport and tobacco settlement sectors. Courtney began her career at Capital as a participant in The Associates Program, a two-year series of work assignments in various areas of the organization. She holds a bachelor's degree in computer engineering and economics from Northwestern University. Courtney is based in Los Angeles.

Show Notes

  • Meet the suite: Get to know Capital Group's ETFs-
  • Capital Group Municipal Income ETF-
  • Active ETFs to pursue more control over your clients' tax liabilities-
  • 5 ways to pursue greater tax efficiency with ETFs-
  • Capital Ideas Insights – How to harvest tax losses in pursuit of portfolio efficiency-
  • Capital Group 2024 Outlook-

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