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How Digital Transformation is creating New Investment Opportunities in Small Caps across the Globe

A few questions advisors and allocators are asking in today's global equity environment are:

How is digital transformation creating new opportunities in small-cap companies, particularly during COVID-19? How have opportunities and risks in the small-cap segment evolved? Where are we finding the best opportunities both domestically and internationally?

In this webinar, Polen Capital's Tucker Walsh and Rob Forker will explain how their investment philosophy allows them to focus exclusively on the world's best companies. This focus on durable, high-quality companies enables them to uncover and invest in businesses that can survive and thrive in nearly any environment while also managing risk. The webinar will cover:

  • Why broadening small-cap allocations to both the U.S. and internationally provides access to some of the world's best companies with compelling runways for profitable growth.
  • How digital transformation has created new opportunities in areas like lifestyle brands (Yeti and Fox Factory) and IT consulting (Globant and Netcompany).
  • Why feedback loops and the availability of a wide range of inputs are important to small-cap companies.
  • What risks exist in the small-cap space as digital transformation accelerates, and how Polen Capital's investment philosophy addresses those risks.

The presenters will be available after the presentation to answer attendees' questions live.

1 results found.