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The Explosive Growth in E-Commerce in the Coronavirus World

In this webcast, we’ll explore how advisors can capitalize on the explosive growth in e-Commerce. In our interconnected world, significant disruptions underscore the need for resilient supply chains. We will explore the risks posed by COVID-19 to economic growth, particularly with respect to the consumer, cold storage, and cannabis. It’s an arms race for space as there is an insatiable demand to receive packages in a day or less. The era of ‘last mile’ revolution is just getting started and participants will learn how to access the best-in-class warehouse/distribution facilities. You will learn:

  • How COVID-19 has become a catalyst for many to find workarounds that could become permanent, leading to lower demand in certain property sectors (e.g., telecommuting/office, e-commerce/retail).
  • How to capitalize on the buildout of eCommerce distribution and last mile facilities in investment portfolios.
  • Identify the powerful structural trends in eCommerce, cold storage (grocery), and cannabis and the companies that stand to benefit from the emergence of those trends.
  • Why logistics and industrial properties are highly specialized, mission critical, assets for eCommerce.
  • How secular changes in consumer habits and demographics are leading to cannabis, grocery, and e-Commerce growth over the next decade.
  • The diversification effects of e-Commerce infrastructure as low correlation assets with differentiated risk/return profiles to other asset classes.
  • How to get exposure to these industries via a thematic ETF.

Our presenters will be available to answer live questions during the webinar.

This webinar is for financial professionals only and is not open to the public.

1 results found.