A Thanksgiving Thank You that Stands Out

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Every advisor wants clients to feel acknowledged and appreciated. Despite that, many clients feel that they are just one of many names and faces that their advisor deals with and are unsure just how much their advisor values their business.

That’s why I was impressed by the response that four advisors received from thank-you cards they sent to clients leading up to Thanksgiving in Canada, where I am based. As Canadian Thanksgiving is in early October, in late September these advisors sent cards. The front of the cards read “A Thanksgiving Message.” Inside there was a picture of the advisor with either his family or his team. While the copy for each advisor’s card varied slightly, the basic message was thanking clients for the opportunity to work with them. The advisor had made a donation to support the work of Amani Children’s Home at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The advisor included a picture of one of the children and some information about Amani’s work.

Here’s the card that one advisor sent:

And here’s how one client responded to her card:

Subject: Just got the best card

I just got the best Thanksgiving card in the mail that I have ever received!!! Love the family picture AND the note about your support of the Amani Children's Home. A totally worthy cause and so beneficial to the recipients. I support some children in Haiti and Dominican Republic so they can get proper food and education.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

The good news is that you can learn from this experience – if you don’t currently send clients Thanksgiving cards, make this the year that you start.