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How to Give Retirees the Freedom to Spend

Most clients have no idea what retirement failure means to them and how a given failure rate should influence their planning. My guests today will present a planning framework that improves existing models by dynamically adjusting for market performance and longevity.

When saving for retirement it’s common for advisors to evaluate progress toward a savings goal and recommend course corrections to stay on track. Making course corrections after retirement means that the retiree must either spend less if investment returns are low or be able to spend more if markets rise.

Clients need to understand how investment and longevity risk will affect their lifestyle as they make these adjustments to avoid running out of savings. The best way to understand how these risks might affect their lifestyle is through a visualization of spending paths. Visualizations are a powerful and accurate way to understand how spending more early in retirement, taking greater investment risk, and using an annuity change the course of possible lifestyle paths.