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A New “Pink Tide” in Latin America?

Latin America tilted further left this week as Colombian voters elected Gustavo Petro as president. Come August, the former Bogotá mayor and member of the M-19 guerrilla organization will join the region’s growing list of leftist leaders in a political shift some are likening to the “pink tide” of the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Inflation Reaches Unicorns

Interest rates aren’t simply the price of borrowing money. They are also information, providing signals telling economic players what to do. Interest rates are in fact the price of time. Low interest rates don’t value time very much. Bad signals produce bad outcomes… and that’s where we are now.

Macro Markets Podcast Episode 16: Fed Watch: A Deep Dive into 75

Brian Smedley, Guggenheim’s Chief Economist and Head of Macroeconomic and Investment Research, discusses the impact of the Fed’s 0.75% rate hike on markets and the economy.

Taking Stock: Q3 2022 Equity Market Outlook

What to do in equity portfolios at the midyear point? Fundamental Equities CIO Tony DeSpirto assesses the backdrop and identifies three favored sectors.

Assessing Inflation’s Effects Across Emerging Markets

The varied responses of individual countries to global inflationary pressures have contributed to elevated real-rate differentials between developed and emerging markets.

How to Invest in China Responsibly

Investors in China can positively influence the behavior of Chinese companies and generate attractive risk-adjusted returns in the long run.

A Realistic Framing of the Progress in Artificial Intelligence

Let’s face it—we love exciting announcements. Why talk about the small technical improvements of a given artificial intelligence (AI) system when you can prognosticate about the coming advent of artificial general intelligence (AGI)? However, focusing too much on AGI risks missing many incremental improvements in the space along the way.

Time To Jump Aboard The Value Train

In a new piece, GMO’s Asset Allocation Team notes that even with the battering of growth stocks in 2022 there is still ample opportunity to benefit from betting on cheap value stocks versus expensive growth names.

Stocks Adding to Weekly Gains

U.S. stocks are extending weekly gains, rebounding from yesterday afternoon's slide as the markets remain choppy amid lingering global recession concerns that have been bolstered by monetary policy tightening efforts around the globe aimed at getting high inflation under control.

20 Stocks Subscribers Asked To Have Analyzed

In this video I cover 20 stocks requested by subscribers.

Stocks Sniffing A Bear Market Rally

A number of key technical, sentiment and flow based indicators are suggesting we could see a relief in selling pressure over the coming weeks, and perhaps a countertrend rally in risk assets.

Cracking and Pivoting

The President today asked Congress for a gasoline tax holiday to alleviate the cost of gasoline and diesel in the country.

NFIB Signals A Recession Is Coming…Again

NFIB signals a recession is coming…again.

Heating and Cooling

The Northern Trust Economics team shares its outlook for growth, inflation and interest rates.

Reaching for Resilience

The war in Ukraine has widened global geopolitical fractures, and we see risks of deglobalization and more fragmented capital markets over the secular horizon.