I’m Worried about My Own Retirement

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Dear Bev,

I appreciated your article a couple of weeks ago on mindfulness. I admit I’m not much for the foo-foo stuff. I can’t ever see myself meditating or the like, but the comments around focus were helpful. My question is around stress.

I find myself more and more concerned every week worrying about the markets. Things have been very good for a long time, and lately there have been strong indicators and market performance. But I’ve been doing this for over 35 years and I can’t help but think about what’s happened in the past. We are managing money well for our clients; I’m not worried about our performance per se but I am worried about my own retirement and holdings.

I want to stop doing this in three to four years and am not sure where we’ll be. I know it sounds crazy coming from an investment professional. Yes, I have a well-allocated portfolio, am prepared for all exigencies and believe in what we do. I recognize it isn’t rational in many ways, but it’s real for me. I am having all kinds of physical problems as a result of the stress.

Without telling me to meditate, which I do not want to do, what can I do to remove this fear? It’s not like I can’t pay attention to the economic news and the markets. It’s what I do every day.