How to Prep for Client Meetings

Beverly Flaxington is a practice management consultant. She answers questions from advisors facing human resource issues. To submit yours, email us here.

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Dear Bev,

How do I get my financial advisors to understand they don’t know everything about their clients?

I meet with my team before they go into a meeting. We have an excellent prep process we use on a regular basis and I am rigorous about making sure everyone goes through it. But more times than not I ask a question about a long-term client and they are unable to answer it. And yet, when I tell them they don’t know enough about their clients, they tell me they know all they need to know! It is a circular and very annoying situation because we are not improving in our client relationships and our approach. We are and not pushing ourselves for more.

Is there a way to open their eyes to what they are missing that doesn’t involve me knocking someone on the head?


Dear S.I.,

I’ll start by complimenting you on having a rigorous process and caring enough about it, and that you and your team are actively engaged in it. You don’t share your role in the firm, but anyone who is dedicated enough to implement and then participate in this type of preparation process is doing something right! And I’m glad, heretofore, you have refrained from violence as I’m not sure hitting them is going to do you any good.