Don’t Be Part of the Sales Prevention Team

Photo by Jose Aragones on Unsplash

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I see a parallel between good investing and sales.

The less investors do, the more likely they are to achieve their financial goals. Buy, hold, pay no attention to the financial media, and basically do nothing is sound investment advice. It’s widely espoused by those who embrace “evidence-based” investing.

Do the same principles apply when you are trying to convert a prospect into a client?


If you do any of the things below, you are on the “sales prevention team.”

An odd response

I recently made a short inquiry to a vendor related to the manuscript for my new book. He sent me a lengthy response, setting forth his qualifications and expertise (which I already knew from his webpage) and then stated: “I will be on vacation and generally unavailable for 10 days or so in February. I already have work scheduled upon my return. I can’t give you a price or a timeline until I review your manuscript. I am making no guarantees I can do your work.”

Hardly welcoming! All I asked was whether he would review my manuscript, tell me whether the assignment was suitable and give me a price. His response should have been:

Thanks for reaching out to me. Please send me your manuscript and I will get back to you.

If I had received that response, I would have pursued a relationship with him.

But I never responded to the e-mail he sent me.