A Bucket List Strategy for Stress (and Referrals)

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Ever wonder how stress is impacting you? With the uncertainty regarding COVID19, unemployment, stock market dives and the trials of working from home stress has magnified for a lot of people. It is everywhere and palpable. It can slow us down, speed us up, de-motivate us, or as in my case, raise our cholesterol. People manage stress in various ways.

It became painfully clear that I needed to learn to manage my stress more effectively.

I have begun doing so.

Stress is certainly a huge topic that we could splinter into many conversations. However, tapping into my expertise of coaching financial advisors to create organic referral processes, let’s talk about how you manage the stress associated with referrals. My clients are regularly stressed about not getting enough referrals, working with COIs who don’t refer back, when to ask for referrals, how to ask for referrals, damaging relationships, handling a bad referral, giving referrals and hoping it works out, etc.

Financial advisors are stressed about referrals. Here’s how you manage that stress.

Many years ago, I was introduced to the concept of the “three buckets” from my friend, Becky, who used the bucket system to help her manage stress in general. This concept works not only for referrals but for any area of your life. As we proceed, think of how this can apply to the current situation we all are facing. The simplest way to look at situations in your life is to consider which bucket they fall into and then act accordingly.