It’s Introvert Heaven

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Don’t get the wrong impression. There was a lot I enjoyed about my “old normal” life.

I really miss the speaking I used to do and talking to so many of you during the breaks. The travel was also fun. I spoke all over North America, the United Kingdom and Australia. Those experiences were memorable.

But, in some respects, my “new normal” is better for me than the old one.

I’ll tell you why.


I can relate to the views of a fellow introvert, Andreas Kluth, expressed in this article. Kluth finds the enforced quarantine “liberating.” It freed him from the scourge of open-plan offices and annoying colleagues eager to “brainstorm” with him.

This observation of his resonated with me:

Now what is the essence of quarantine? “Social distancing,” of course. To an extrovert, that’s an oxymoron. To an introvert, it’s the ideal state. To put it flippantly, it’s the near-complete cessation of small talk, and a rare opportunity to concentrate. Moreover, social distancing doesn’t necessarily mean disconnection, certainly not in the age of Zoom. But unlike an open-plan office, Zoom can be turned off.

For those of us who are introverts, the quarantine is a precious commodity we never had before: the freedom to choose when to relate. We enjoy certain interactions. But we don’t want them imposed on us.

Once we choose to interact, the quarantine gives us control over the time and length of the interaction. The benefit of Zoom (and its 40-minute cutoff) and other videoconferencing systems is we can schedule conferences for a time and an agenda we agree upon in advance, and even designate the length of the session.

It’s introvert heaven.

Other benefits

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Introverts love (some might call it “obsess”) to cogitate. The quarantine has given me more time. I’m always home. I don’t have to juggle competing claims on my time, like travel or attending meetings.

This additional time has created some very enjoyable options. Previously, I’d never taken an online course. I’ve always wanted to sharpen my digital-marketing skills so I could exercise more informed supervision over the team of 60 engineers and other digital experts who work with us. I opted for a 40-hour course given by Google on the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. It’s a certified curriculum that requires passing a final exam. I spent an hour a day for 40 days and obtained my certification.

That on-line experience was incredibly rewarding. The knowledge I gained changed my perspective about how to best assist our clients with their marketing efforts. I never would have done this before the quarantine.

Next up is another free course, The Science of Well-Being, taught by Professor Laurie Santos at Yale.

As I contemplate a possible year or two of this life, I feel content, happy, enriched and very fortunate.

At last, there’s a benefit to being an introvert in a world dominated by extroverts!

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