Five Traits of High-Achieving Female Advisors

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High-achieving female advisors can be found in every state of our country. Recently Forbes recognized the 1,000 Top Women Wealth Advisors in 2020 with a collective asset management total of nearly $920 billion. Nearly one in five of these women manages $1 billion. That is quite impressive.

In my coaching practice, I focus on serving female advisors. My client base is 80% women and 20% men. I even co-authored an Amazon best-selling book for women advisors, A Woman’s Way: Empowering Female Financial Advisors to Authentically Lead and Flourish in a Man’s World. For many female advisors, success is measured in far more ways than assets under management. Women want a thriving, robust practice. Many of them know what they want, but they don’t quite know how to get there or have anyone to help who also truly understands them.

High-achieving female advisors have five things that they focus on daily.

Staying visible to others

When you stay visible, you significantly increase the opportunity to be referred. Staying visible with intention means that you purposefully show up where you need to be. Post value, engaging content in LinkedIn or Facebook groups that support your ideal client, scheduling time with a COI, participating in or hosting webinars, contributing to publications, speaking on podcasts or other media outlets as well. When the traditional networking venues open back up to us, staying visible at strategic events, luncheons and dinners are also important. High achieving female advisors won’t allow themselves to become invisible.

Leading their relationships

High-achieving female advisors are leaders in many ways. Leading your relationships means being able to influence and leverage your entire network to help grow your practice or firm. It also means accepting responsibility to act as the leader in all of your relationships, including clients, COIs and prospects. This leadership skill takes focus and effort. It involves recognizing and seizing opportunities to embrace reciprocity by effortlessly leading by example.