The Bold Shakeup This Crisis Demands

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Shake up a snow globe and the world inside is instantly upheaved, until the flakes settle and a new reality is revealed. This pandemic demands that advisors engage in the same level of strategic upheaval to ensure they thrive in an unsettled world.

Somewhere along my world travels, I started collecting snow globes for my children. I remember thinking how snow globe life can be turned topsy-turvy and things reset in random ways.

Had you told me then I’d be recalling that snow-globe memory as I write an article about living inside one, I wouldn’t have believed you.

And yet, here we are.

I’ve received more than a few calls from solo advisors to senior leaders looking to re-frame their strategies and re-tool their businesses in response to this sudden shake-up. They are coming to grips with the reality that the strategies that served them well in the comfort of an 11-year bull run will not meet the demands of the uncertain future we face.

To help you find your footing, I offer five shifts to shake-up your thinking in a snow-globe style world.

Shift #1: What’s happening, really?

The comfortable conditions of the 11-year bull market are behind us and the unfolding global pandemic holds us in a state of collective uncertainty.