What Makes a Website Compelling

Photo by Eftakher Alam on Unsplash

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The concept of a website is simple. Understanding its function, crafting a compelling design and implementing your plan is challenging.

Basic functions

The most basic function of a website is to act as the display window of your retail “store.” It provides information to visitors so they can decide whether to pursue a relationship with you.

Visitors come to your website in two ways:

  1. Referrals; or
  1. From an Internet search.

In either case, the goal of your website is to make a positive impression and encourage further inquiry.

Most websites ignore the research that would help reach this goal.

Basic principles

If you want your website to turn visitors into prospects and clients, this article (and accompanying checklist) by Michael Kitces does an excellent job of distilling what makes an advisor’s website compelling.

Initially, it involves “humanizing” the advisors and their staff through images and videos. Clearly describe the services being offered, be transparent with costs and fees, offer useful resources like Riskalyze, and target a niche market. Have a call to action, a lead magnet and other ways to capture e-mail addresses.