Three Ways to Make Yourself More Interesting

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I speak to advisors every day, helping them grow by referral and run their practice more effectively. We talk about all sorts of topics. Lately, I’ve noticed many independent advisors trying to find a way to make themselves more interesting.

When you’re surrounded by your competition, making yourself more interesting is going to help you stand out and attract people to you (both of which are great if you want more referrals). I’ve seen many examples of how advisors make themselves more interesting, but here are three best approaches that have a big impact.

1. Focus on a niche

One way to make yourself more interesting is to focus on a niche. Most advisors are nervous about choosing a niche because they’re afraid of choosing a bad one, they have no idea how to go about it, they’re afraid they’ll lose too much ‘other’ business, or they don’t think it will be profitable.

In reality, choosing a niche is highly profitable because you become seen as a true expert and people prefer to work with experts. It also makes it really easy for others to refer you. For example, I’ve helped clients develop niches to serve blue-collar workers in agriculture, equestrians, generation X, small business owners, LGBTQ+, creative entrepreneurs and divorced/widows. A good coach can guide you through this process, help you choose a niche that aligns well with you and develop the tools to effectively support it.