Nature’s Influence on Your Practice

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Have you ever noticed that Mother Nature always wins? In addition to being a referral and business coach for financial advisors, I’m also a nature lover, gardener and avid bird watcher. I pay attention to nature all the time. I notice the patterns, struggles and successes that happen throughout the seasons. Nature is always teaching us.

One lesson stood out to me lately that relates to our reactions to COVID19 and its impact on your practice.

Nature wins because of the resilience and persistence of creatures great and small. For the past three years, I’ve had the same mother rabbit succeed in making a nest in my yard. Her persistence is absolutely incredible. I’ve tried everything to keep her out, because I have two dogs that won’t take kindly to intruders and lot of flowers, blueberries and raspberries that I’d prefer to eat myself rather than donate them to a rabbit family. I’ve tried adding an additional layer of chicken wire to the bottom of my fence line. She still found a way into the yard. I tried smelly soap around the perimeter. She didn’t care. I tried dog droppings near her proposed nest site. She didn’t care about that either. I tried human hair. Nope. She was persistent beyond persistent.

Earlier this spring, she found her way in regardless of my efforts and built a nest inside my blueberry patch. She won. She placed four little ones there in no time. Unfortunately, we experienced a very wet spring and all four were drowned in a torrential downpour. Those four were not meant to survive.