Five Ways to Put Your Firm in a Better Mood

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Do you remember the applause meter that used to show up in game shows? Imagine if you had a meter like that to measure the positive energy in your firm. How often would the energy meter be buzzing off its hinges at full tilt toward positivity?

Positive energy is palpable. Literally, you can feel it. Not only can you feel it, but your clients and prospects feel it too. And positive energy is attractive, appealing, encouraging and uplifting. It makes you more referable and inspires people to want to work with you. Positive energy keeps productivity and morale up.

What can you do differently as the fourth quarter of 2020 draws near to boost the positive energy level in your firm and reduce the negative emotional impact that COVID-19 has had on the hearts and souls of you and your people?

I’ll let you in on a few secrets from our office that keep us focused on positivity throughout the year. You might like to adopt one or all of these ideas for yourself.

Gratitude journals

Each of us in the office keeps a gratitude journal throughout the year. It sits on our desks and when we are inspired to capture something in writing, we enter it into our journals. The entries could be something as simple as looking out our window and being grateful for our vision to see the beautiful landscape or the referral we received for a new prospect. You get the picture. Learning to slow down for a second and express gratitude helps everyone have a more positive attitude. No matter what is going on around you, gratitude helps to keep things in perspective. There is always something that deserves your gratitude.