The Glaring Problem with Zoom Meetings

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Dear Bev,

In these times of separation from team members, my advisors are not coming forward with ideas or complaints like they did when we were in the office together. We have a cohesive and engaged group and often, when in person, someone stops in to see me and make suggestions or talk about a client issue. We’re having virtual meetings. I insist everyone is on camera so we are seeing one another, but the ideas don’t flow. Everyone wants to get off of the meeting as quickly as possible. When I ask for input, I get crickets. I asked one of my senior advisors what’s going on and she said, “We’re distracted and busy. No one has time for new insights right now.”

This concerns me. What if we stay virtual for another year or even longer? What if only some of us return to the office? I have read articles about people being distracted at home, but we are senior professionals in a business serving clients! Our excuse cannot be that we are unable to make improvements during these times.