Cutting-Edge Videos That Generate Leads

Photo by
Thomas William on Unsplash

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A client wrote to me that “business was pouring in” after his refreshed website went live. I asked him what stood out to visitors. He replied, “Most people tend to comment on the videos. You worked some magic there.”

His feedback was very gratifying. I’ve worked hard to pioneer an entirely different kind of video for my website clients.

In this article, I’m going to share exactly how we do it, so you can replicate our process if you find it appealing.

High-quality production

I don’t cut corners on production quality. I only hire cinematographers (also known as director of photography or DPs). I require two cameras, with great lighting and audio.

Nothing erodes your credibility as rapidly as video that’s poorly lit, with tinny audio.

If you don’t have the budget for a professionally produced video, you can do it yourself, using the camera on your smartphone. There are a lot of articles with suggestions for making professional looking videos.

No script

Our breakthrough came when I had the idea of making our videos totally unscripted. When I used scripts (often with a teleprompter) the advisors came across and stressed, robotic and boring.

I decided to see what would happen if we prepared questions to be asked by the cinematographer and didn’t give them to the advisor in advance. I told the advisor not to worry about how they came across, because I was going to shoot a couple of hours of video and edit it down to two 90-second videos. I explained that I could fix just about anything in post-production, so they could relax and just have a conversation with the cinematographer.