Don’t Make These Zoom Mistakes

Photo by visuals on Unsplash

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Like you, I’m doing a lot of webinars and video conferences. The most common question I get asked is: How do you market during a pandemic?

Here’s what you may find surprising. While in-person and video formats are different, the basic principles are unchanged. That said, there are three disastrous mistakes I see advisors make with Zoom calls.

Opportunities abound

While you may not be able to hold events or meet in person with prospects and clients, it should be comforting to know that there are opportunities to generate new business.

Investors find market uncertainty unsettling. DIY investors may no longer have confidence in their ability to go it alone.

Others may believe they weren’t well prepared by their current advisor for the black-swan event of a pandemic. They may be looking for alternatives.

In both situations, your initial communication will be via telephone or videoconference.

That’s where it gets tricky.