Advisor Perspectives Ranked as Top Newsletter for Financial Advisors

Lexington, MA. November 11, 2020. For the second consecutive year, Advisor Perspectives has been ranked as the electronic newsletter that is most-read by financial advisors. Those 2020 results are based on the annual financial advisor media survey conducted by Erdos & Morgan.

Since 2013, Erdos & Morgan has conducted its Financial Advisor Media Outlook and Usage Study (“FAMOUS”). It surveys over 39,000 advisory firms, which it cross-references with the SEC’s database to create a sample that is representative of the advisor universe.

The study is typically conducted utilizing a combination of mail and on-line methodologies. Due to the instability the pandemic caused to the workplace, Erdos & Morgan had to forgo the mail portion of the study, since the survey was typically mailed to advisors’ offices. Nonetheless, the study results remain accurate to a margin of error of less than 1%.

The FAMOUS survey asked advisors which electronic newsletters they had read in the past month. Advisor Perspectives was ranked first in 2020 among the 53 newsletters listed, with readership that was 375% that of the average publication and 42% greater than the second-place publication. Advisor Perspectives was also the most-read newsletter among advisors 45-54 years old and those 55 and older.

“The pandemic presented a unique challenge for our firm,” Advisor Perspectives CEO Robert Huebscher said. “We saw a surge in traffic, with 47% more unique visitors than last year. This study validates the enormous amount of effort from my team, which is unified in our goal to deliver the best possible content to the advisory profession.”

“Tracking financial media consumption among FAs is the cornerstone of our FAMOUS study,” said David March, the chief revenue officer at Erdos and Morgan. “This study enables fund families and advertising agencies to target their promotional efforts in the most efficient and effective way.

In addition to media consumption, the study provides a multifaceted profile of FAs that goes beyond basic demographic information. It includes variables such as AUM, work setting and the role of the FA in the client/FA relationship so that targeting efforts can really drill down to the most valuable type of FA for each client”

Advisor Perspectives is based in Lexington, MA, and was founded in 2007. Its web site and online community, APViewpoint, are visited by 240,000 advisors per month. Advisor Perspectives is the premier digital publisher for the advisory profession, including RIAs, financial planners, wirehouse and independent broker-dealer representatives, family offices, insurance brokers, institutional investors, bank professionals and more.

Erdos & Morgan was established in 1947 and is a leading market research company, with offices in Boston and New York. It conducts syndicated and custom research, specializing in financial, political and Washington “insider” demographics.

For more information, please contact Advisor Perspectives at [email protected], or Erdos & Morgan at [email protected] or call (201) 236-0469.

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