Five Steps to Become a Rainmaker

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Many financial firms have one rainmaker, meaning they rely solely on one person to bring in new business.

That’s a mistake.

Imagine the immediate loss to a firm if that person were to leave or, worse, something were to happen to them. It would be a severe threat to the firm. I emphasize this even further in my Referral SWOT Analysis™ (in the section dedicated to referral threats).

When a firm relies too heavily on one person to bring in the new business it teaches everyone else what it’s like to be fed business. The younger people in the firm, who will eventually be charged with leading the firm, will be ill-equipped in their skills of relationship development, relationship management, COI development, COI management, networking, client referrals, and general business development skills. I know how valuable you become when you can successfully bring in new business and new opportunities to the firm. So here are three steps to become a referral rainmaker!