Leadership Hacks That Make an Immediate Impact

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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If you’re running an advisory firm, you’re a leader. As your firm grows, your leadership skills become more important. Yet, relatively few advisors are trained to lead.

There are many studies that provide aspiring leaders with sound guidance on how to manage your firm, and how to create a happy, collegial and productive environment.


Motivating your colleagues and staff is a critical skill. A recent study found that positive messaging was more effective than messages based on fear in persuading participants to wear masks for protection against COVID-19.

The study found emphasizing protection for others and focusing on unity, personal experiences and the underlying rationale for face coverings were most effective at achieving compliance. Personal stories from individuals affected by COVID-19 were particularly impactful.

Conversely, negative, threatening or overly instructive messaging was deemed less effective.