Lessons for Advisors (and Life) From Emery Kertesz (Part Three)

Emery Kertesz III. June 10, 1956-January 29, 2021

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For more than 20 years, Emery Kertesz guided our audio equipment company through every minefield imaginable. What started as a tiny company with him assembling speakers by hand in his garage grew into two companies (one selling products of other manufacturers and the other selling products we manufacture).

Every year (including our first) was profitable. We financed our growth with our profits.

How did he do it? He had no formal training in running a company.

Part of his success was based on his raw intelligence, military training, passion and curiosity.

A military mindset

Emery had a military mindset. It served him well.

He served honorably in the United States Army for four years. His fellow soldiers and commanding officers often referred to him as an outstanding soldier who showed superior skill as a marksman and a leader.

He often used military terms with me. He talked about our “mission,” which he pursued with a laser-like focus. Part of his military training was planning for contingencies, which he did brilliantly.