Lessons for Advisors (and Life) From Emery Kertesz (Part Five)

Emery Kertesz III. June 10, 1956-January 29, 2021

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This is the fifth (and last) part in a series about my late partner, Emery Kertesz. He died on January 29, 2021 at the all-too-young age of 64.

Because he lived with a chronic disease, Emery knew his prognosis was uncertain and he was likely to die prematurely.

He was passionately devoted to his wife, Sheila, and his two sons, Austin and Joe. For the past 10 years, we discussed our succession plan. About a year ago, I asked him how confident he was that our business could survive his death.

His response was: “100%”

What’s the difference?

Emery was conscious of his mortality and planned for it. What’s the difference between his situation and the rest of us?

We know we are going to die. None of us know when.

Emery used his disease to meticulously prepare a succession plan. What’s our excuse if we don’t do the same?

Emery had a number of sayings (which I call “Emeryisms”) that guided his approach to succession planning and his management style