Tips About Justifying Your Value and Digital Marketing

Photo by Changbok Ko on Unsplash

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Here are two key lessons I’ve learned from coaching advisors.

Justifying your value is counterproductive

Much has been written about the need to justify your value. Once you buy into this premise, there’s no end to the advice about how to do so.

It’s a terrible idea.

I tell my clients to never raise this issue. If a prospect or client asks about it, advisors should explain the services they provide and leave it up to the investor to decide if they have value for them.

You could state something like this: “Here are the services I provide. Only you can determine if they add value for you.”

I recently asked my wife this question: “Have you ever paid for services or for a product where you didn’t understand the value you were receiving?”

She responded: “Why would I do that?”

If you have to explain your value, it means the client doesn’t see it or that possibly you aren’t adding value. Why would you want to keep them as a client under those circumstances?

It diminishes your professionalism to try to persuade a prospect or client of your value. Digital marketing isn’t for everyone

“Digital marketing” is any strategy premised on social media. It typically includes paid advertising or aggressively trying to identify prospects on social media. I’m not including search engine optimization (SEO) in what follows. SEO should be part of your digital marketing strategy.