The Era of Online Gambling Has Arrived

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The history of gambling stretches back to the Paleolithic era. This is when early humans learned to use stone tools, began painting in caves… and evidently loved to place a bet. Since that time, mankind has constantly reimagined what can be wagered on and where that betting takes place.

We are in the early stages of one such reimagining – betting online.

This article begins with a rapid tour of the modern gaming world, with stops in Las Vegas and Macau. The evolution of the casino over the past three decades underpins the constant change of this ancient pastime. It also reveals a key lesson for investors: the big gains often go to the early pioneers.

That is where we stand today. A new frontier. Online gambling. Full of potential. Fraught with risk.

But before we get there, it is important to grasp how this cycle of reimagination continually shapes what gambling can be. So, let’s take a brief step back in time. Our story begins in Las Vegas.