A Five-Step Process for LinkedIn Prospecting

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LinkedIn is not for everyone, but if you’re in the camp that loves it, listen up. If you don’t love LinkedIn, let me convince you to take a second stab at it.

Financial advisors have mixed feelings about LinkedIn. I know because I hear their opinions daily. Some love it and can’t imagine doing business without it. They embrace the connectivity with people around the globe, being able to share value with prospects and colleagues, increase their credibility and visibility and build or expand their brand. Others want nothing to do with it and find it to be a hassle and a waste of time. They can’t imagine spending time on a social platform for business, hate the issues with compliance and struggle to come up with material to share.

LinkedIn helps people connect in the business world. It allows you to crack open the door to the network of your network. Without getting into technical details, you can see the people that your people know and connect with them, too, or leverage that information in any number of ways. Of course, LinkedIn does allow people to block you from seeing their connections, but we’re talking here about all the other people in your network who do allow you to engage with their connections.

To leverage LinkedIn for prospecting, follow these simple five steps to make it easy.

Step one – Plan time in your week

Yes, networking does take a bit of time, no matter if it’s in person or online. Choose when you’re going to network using LinkedIn and make an appointment with yourself. Imagine how much time you would spend at a face-to-face networking event and cut that time in half as your benchmark for how much time to spend on LinkedIn. Remember, you might just find your next best client.

Step two – Know what you want

Decide what you’re looking for before you start. This is where having a niche is helpful. If you prefer to work with doctors, you’ll be searching for titles like doctor, physician, MD, etc. If you prefer to work with business owners, you might be searching for titles like owner, CEO, president, founder, etc. Determine who you’re looking for and create a list of terms you will use on LinkedIn while you’re searching.