Post-Retirement Resources for Clients

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“The aging of America isn’t so much a problem to be solved as it is an opportunity to be seized.” Marc Freedman, a founder of the encore movement.

The Encore Network is a coalition of individuals and organizations from around the world that have embraced the idea that older adults are incredible resources. I joined the Encore Boston network (EBN) several years ago and attend events, present workshops and made wonderful connections. EBN colleagues introduce the network during my workshops for advisors.

Having counseled numerous clients through the retirement process, I realized there was often a missing piece to the puzzle – purpose! To be happy, retirees need something meaningful to wake up for every day. At this critical juncture however, time, money and happiness need to be balanced before you decide what’s next. My book, Your Encore, is a retirement planning guide designed to work through this balancing act – to narrow down the choices. With workable alternatives, readers can then turn to my list below of coalition organizations.

You can support the national Encore movement by sharing these resources with anyone trying to figure out what’s next after their career.

Encore communities

Encore Network
Find local organizations and fellow travelers you can connect with for encore programs and opportunities.

Gen2Gen (
Find people and organizations that are connecting the generations to help kids thrive.

The Transition Network
Find chapters of professional women around the country who are making the encore transition together.

Project Renewment Groups
Groups of career women supporting one another through the transition from work to retirement.

Life Planning Network
Professional community of life planning coaches, career counselors, financial advisors and other professionals that advise people over 50.