Building Your Ideal Practice

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Once upon a time, three advisors were working hard and long. They never had enough time to get the results they wanted.

Adam, Ben, and Tiffany were all professionally proficient. They cared about doing good work for their clients. They just wanted more time to do it well while also growing their firms, without giving up their lives.

Fed up and frustrated by their struggles, the three decided it was time to start their quest to discover their holy grail: a $1 million practice that delivers deep value to clients, while affording them the income, time and freedom to enjoy it. And in the three years following their first steps, they each more than tripled their revenue, income and time off, while delivering deeper value to clients than they’d ever imagined they could.

That may seem like a fairy tale, but those are actual results. The idea that you have to toil for decades to build a business that supports your success is the story you’ve been told over and over again – but that doesn’t make it true.

The idea that such growth and success will somehow be achieved at the expense of clients, diluting the value they receive rather than deepen it, is another myth that needs to be dispelled. If you follow the 10 shifts that I laid out for Adam, Ben and Tiffany, you, too, will deliver deep value to clients and run an excellent practice that allows you to enjoy the ride and the rewards.