Make 2022 the “Year of the Wild First Line”

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If your marketing stank this year, follow these simple instructions and make 2022 better. Focus on the first line of any marketing copy you write.

I’ll give you the mathematical formula in a minute. But first let’s chat.

The first line is all that matters

When we write something many of us are in the mindset that we have all the time in the world to prove our point. We thank the educational systems that taught us how to read and write in long-form content. That’s how they charged us all that tuition; they taught us to write essays.

But welcome to the internet, the great equalizer with the 35-character tweets. Call it anti-intellectual.


It’s a game and it favors those who know how to make a point fast. You can either play by the rules or get three likes on your LinkedIn post, two of them from wholesalers trying to get you to tell your clients to buy their inflation-indexed class C shares mutual fund.