Yes, Virginia, Introverts are Better Networkers

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If you’re an introvert who ever said, “Networking is just not for me,” or, “I’m not good at networking because I’m an introvert,” listen up. And those of you who are extroverts: Pay attention, because you just might learn something valuable.

In many ways, introverts are better networkers than extroverts. I know what you’re thinking.

How can that be? No way!

Read this article, and you’ll understand why.

Let’s start by broadening the definition of networking. The picture that most people see when thinking about networking is a room full of people talking about themselves, passing around business cards, sipping chardonnay and looking for a quick sale. This form of networking is not the best for making connections, at least not for introverts. In this environment, extroverts thrive because they have no issue with talking about themselves. The more people they meet, the more accomplished they feel.

But networking is so much more than this image. Sitting with someone to share a meal, watching a kid’s soccer game with your neighbor, hiking in the woods with your best friend, shooting skeet with your buddies, or catching a round of golf with your favorite foursome are all networking. The networking environments that are focused on smaller groups or even one-to-one are atmospheres that will be more effective for introverts.