How To Recover “Lost” Prospect Opportunities

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The life blood of your practice is your ability to bring in new clients, consistently.

Why is it that so many new client opportunities end up disappearing?

You’ve done everything “by the book.” You’ve built a relationship, provided value, education, and given them plenty of room to make a decision without any pressure…then poof, they’re gone.

Why does this keep happening if you honestly could have helped them with their financial concerns?

The “hopeium” trap

Many advisors are in “sales mode,” caught up in what I call “hopeium,” a comical term that means focusing on your hopes and desires to make the sale.

But hopeium is a trap because subconsciously you’re hoping to make the sale, instead of focusing on getting to the truth about your prospective client’s core problems – to determine if you’re a fit or not.

When you focus on the outcome – making the sale – you anticipate the next steps, which takes you away from creating deep trust.

When they don’t return your calls, you feel betrayed….because you gave them everything they needed to convince them to choose you.

Is there a way to prevent being “ghosted” like this?

You bet there is…but it requires a mindset shift, away from the sale to getting to the truth of what’s on their mind.