When It Really Counts

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As a financial advisor, you are in a high-trust, relationship-driven profession. Your success is determined by how well you develop and maintain your client relationships. Your referrals are in proportion to the quality of your relationships and how effective you are at empowering others to refer you.

People will measure their relationship with you when it really counts. My question for you to dwell on while I share a recent personal story is this: What sets you apart when it really counts?

I recently suffered a great loss in the passing of my 14-year-old canine companion, Karlie. She had been my office dog since day one, sleeping under my desk or directly in my doorway. Every day, she listened in on client calls and promised to keep everything in confidence. She delivered the mail for the office and protected her family from the harms of the world (cats, dogs, rabbits, deer, mail lady, UPS, FedEx, Amazon … you name it). She knew when to squeak her toys and when not to, to avoid being a distraction during office hours. Karlie was an incredibly intelligent girl and the energy in her presence is deeply missed.

In the days that followed, my and my partner’s attention needed to turn to our other office dog, Tucker. He is 13 and has been blind since age four due to a rare auto-immune disease. Tucker has not known life without Karlie. She became his guide dog and showed him that life was still very good despite not being able to see. Tucker now needed our undivided attention to help him cope with this intense loss in his life. We reached out to our vet to get some meds to help Tucker settle his stomach, but we needed some extra guidance.