2025: The Post-Ken Fisher World of Annuities

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As the number of Boomer husbands who pass away increases dramatically, their spouses will take control of wealth assets on a scale never seen. By the end of the decade, women will control an estimated $30 trillion, a reality that will transform financial services.

Demographics, culture, investing preferences, and shifting financial needs will impact every investment professional. At the center of those forces lies retirement-income distribution, the emperor of all planning needs.

No investment professional, organization or channel owns a call option on success in retirement-income distribution. RIAs, especially, are misaligned for success. With a willingness to alter their business strategy, just a bit, RIAs can position themselves for robust achievement. However, RIAs must align their communications, planning methodologies, and product set with the needs of retirees, especially women, whose chief priority is reliability of income more than return on investment.